Sunday mornings are usually a quiet time for me to sit in the living room working on needle work for the shop.  Yesterday as I was crocheting away on a set of spirit bells the Star Finches we keep became very agitated and did their high alarm call.  This is definitely quiet shattering and usually happens when the kittens come into the room without adult supervision.  Neither of the kittens were in the room at the time (though K2 came running in to investigate why they were freaking out) and I couldn’t from my chair see what they were reacting to.

So I got ready to stand up and looked out the window … as bold as can be there was a Peregrine Falcon sitting on the shepherds hook  we had outside the window with a small bird feeder on it.   S/He (not sure of the gender) was staring at our Star Finches wondering I am sure how to get at them.  S/he was regally beautiful and I sat there in absolute shock and awe.  We stared at each other for a few minutes then s/he flew off.   Just to be sure of the bird identification I pulled out my new Birds of the Northeast book I had gotten for Yule.   Sure enough s/he was a peregrine and I believe s/he is nesting around here as I have seen them before soaring high above the house.   After a few minutes s/he took off from the hook and the Star finches relaxed and stopped their alarm calls.

Falcon’s in general are solar symbols connected with power of visions/goals we set for ourselves, wisdom, guardianship, patience, precision and strength.

What an amazing morning and it energized me enough to straighten up my office which had become a hot mess with all the holiday doings I had been working on.  With a renewed energy I now feel organized enough to enjoy working in my office.

This was the highlight to my day … and my week.  Now I need to refill the feeders in the hopes that s/he didn’t scare away all the birds that had been coming to feed at the feeders.  We may need to move them on the off chance that s/he did.  The Star Finches have been all lined up staring out the window every morning now keeping a look out daily for s/he to return.

What amazing things have happened to you in the new year?


Happy New Year!!!!

Stayed up for the festivities even if it is the hubby, animals and I hanging out at home and staying safe.   The kittens, ever curious, have found the champagne cork and are now using it for a cat toy.


We here wish you and yours a new year filled with good energy!



Tarot of the Day

Temperance – Integrating Polarities


Two beings connected by the cosmos walking/dancing a reality into being.  Dancing upon the Earth with their arms stretched towards the night sky. In the sky a mass of swirling energy hangs next to a waxing moon with a waning moon in the background.
My Impressions:

Balancing both sides of the self.  Tempering ones emotions which may go out of control.  Connection between the cosmos and the Earth.  Seeing things from both sides.
Author’s Impressions:

Integrating different parts of our selves or our energies.  In either the material or the astral plane and blending those two planes as best we can.

The Tarot of Transformation“ By J L Cori & Willow Arlenea

Tarot of the Day

Teacher of Swords (Knight of Swords) – Inquiring Mind

Imagery – An individual is working with beakers resting on holders set upon a table with fire heating them.  The liquid inside has been vaporized and has taken the shape of beautiful mandela’s similar to snowflakes.  The crystal images are in many colors and appear as if the centers are stained glass.

Interpretation – Through asking questions and seeking answers you will find beauty.  Hard work can transform objects into others right before your eyes connecting us to our world.  

Author’s Impressions:

Think clearly and deeply using your inquiring mind to uncover life’s mysteries. 

The Tarot of Transformation” By J L Cori & Willow Arlenea

Tarot of the Day

Teacher of Disks (Knight of Pentacles)

Imagery – In a forest a jaguar prowls, above and below him spirals circle.  The wind blows through and sparkles are everywhere.  He looks out of the card curious, paused to see if you are friend/foe/food. 

Interpretation – Connected both above and below by the spirals the two dimensions are brought together.  The sensuous cat (jaguar) prowls between the worlds inviting you in to caress his fur and delight your senses.  Winds wash through taking away the negative and old energy bringing with them new energy to sustain you.

Author’s Impressions:

Autonomy and intimacy, going for what you want and getting it.  Showing others your creative, passionate side, owning your own energy and power.

From: “The Tarot of Transformation” Deck by J L Cori & Willow Arlenea

Tarot of the Day

Healer of Disks (Queen of Pentacles)

 My Impressions:

Imagery – The focal point of this card is the Earth surrounded by a sunset of reds, yellows and pinks.  Above there is a night sky with two dark moons along with dolphins leaping over the earth.  A few of the dolphins look out from the card giving the impression they are encouraging you to join them.  Below the Earth is a sea teaming with plants, star-fish and more dolphins.  The dolphins play in the waves produced by spirals in the ocean. 

Interpretation – Cycles and connectedness are shown by the spirals in the waves and the dolphins connecting both the sea and the air.  Healing energy is needed by the Earth to help it overcome what has been taken from it and not replenished.  A warning is sent that without the connection and healing we may use up the resources we have. 

Author’s Impressions:

We are interconnected with the Earth and all that lives in and on the surface.  We need to remove our concept of separation to re-connect with the energies and assist in replenishing what was lost.

The Tarot of Transformation” By Willow Arlenea, Jasmin Lee Cori

Tarot a Day

Going to take a run at this again and see how long I can keep it going. 

I am hoping that by using “The Tarot of Transformation” deck By J L Cori & Willow Arlenea I can keep up with this as I enjoy the imagery on the cards.  They also provide not only the standard card identifier at the bottom but their own brief interpretation of the card at the top.

With that typed … here we go.

3 of Cups/Receiving Grace:

My Impressions:

Imagery – Highlighted by the Sun a spirit holds an urn with rainbow colored water flowing in a ribbon sprinkled with suns and stars in the shape of multicolored snowflakes into a vortex with the Moon as its center.  Around the water flow nymphs/fairies/sprites dance along with wood elves who carry a lit candle with one touching the water flow. 

Interpretation – Energy and ideas flow along with emotions (both the good and the bad).  From one source the energy flows through us to be returned, cleansed and resent by another source.  Learning to take what is in our minds and hearts and send it out into the earth for cleansing and renewal.  Not being stuck but allowing energy to flow in its patterns and fill us.

Author’s Impressions:

Abundance is not earned by freely given.  Our challenge is to receive it and to do this we must let go and trust a little that abundance is coming to us.